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IoT or “internet of things” evolves the environment where people work and live. The adoption of IoT is dramatically expanding, and various leading companies have implemented IoT solutions into their daily business operations

IoT devices enhance the trace-ability of your assets by attaching to the objects itself.  

Our Approach

Forizons plays the key role of solution integrator: we help to prepare the business use case, design the right solution, manage the implementation with our strategic hardware partners and develop the analytics and visualization solution for your customers

Case Study

CASE 1: Forizons facilitated the client to locate the aircrafts in their factory to improve various KPIs related to parking space utilization and maintenance.

The solution reduced the operational cost by 27%.

CASE 2: Forizons helped the client to implement IoT smart tag onto the products to better manage their assets and achieve various productivity improvements.

The stock discrepancy was decreased by 71%.



Asset traceability


Inventory discrepancy reduction


FTE reduction


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