Strategically negotiate with logistics service provider to get the best price and service level


Most of the companies will perform tender process for the Logistics Service Provider (LSP) selection based on the cheapest price quotation.

Of course price matters when you negotiate LSP contracts. But what matters more is the understanding of what drives the pricing, and of what makes a service contract worth the rates you agree to pay.

To succeed in the negotiation, a thorough understanding and control of the value-added service provided by LSP is necessary.

Our Approach

1. 数据收集

  • 产品和流程分类

  • 交易、组织和库存数据

  • 财务数据 

  • 服务水平 (SLA)

  • 增长预期

2. 当前模型

  • 详细的解决方案建模,包括流程,组织架构,设备和布局图

  • 变动成本和固定成本分,财务预算和整合

  • 产能利用率分析

  • 验证模型的准确性

3. 预期模型

  • 定义预期情景(包括产品,流程,布局,增长可能,自动化机会,订单概况等等)

  • 更新预期方案的模型 (产品细分,物流链,操作流程,财务情况,服务水平)

  • 当前模型与预期模型比较

  • 改进方案

  • 预期目标情景的实施计划

Case Study

CASE 1: For a world leading chemical manufacturer, Forizons supported with tools and expertise to get the best price and service level from 3PL.

The target operating cost was defined, and new rate structure was proposed for 3PL negotiation.

CASE 2: Forizons helped a beauty product brand with the logistics service provider tender process. The Target Must Price achieved in line with the customer objective and the new operation go live date was achieved per plan.



Cost reduction


Supplier service level


On-time delivery


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