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Advanced analytical tools able to help your organization to make decision with substantial business impacts. This approach required 3 key steps: Capture, Analyze and Respond

We assisted our clients to design the data infrastructure, implement data governance programs and collect data creatively with cutting-edge technology. Various data models enable us to see what was previously invisible with both a more panoramic and more granular views of your business. We have developed both basic and advanced data models in-house and implemented to clients organization to drive insight-driven decision making process.

Our Approach

Descriptive Analytics

  • Scorecard dashboards

  • Visualization

  • Query & Ad hoc reporting



Diagnostics Analytics

  • Primary component analysis

  • Pattern analysis

  • Clustering analysis

  • Association analysis


Predictive Analytics

  • Machine learning

  • Agent-Based modeling

  • Simulation

  • Time series forecasting


Prescriptive Analytics

  • Optimization model / Operation research

  • Heuristics / Rule engines


Case Study

CASE 1: For a leading furniture manufacturer, Forizons helped to build an analytic tool to assist their negotiation process. The tool has the ability to show:

  • Products cost

  • Volume changes

  • Quality & logistics performance

CASE 2: For an aerospace company, Forizons optimized its global supply chain network and delivered 10% cost savings.

Our recommendation was further implemented as a regular process in this company to continuously drive its network design decisions.





Decision making speed and accuracy


Response time


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