Improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation along the manufacturing process


The competition on the global market is tough. Companies need to constantly enhance and evolve. Implementing Lean Manufacturing and tools is a given method to improve business and to beat the competition.

Lean Manufacturing is a business improvement philosophy which focuses on the true needs of the customer. Waste is regarded as non-value adding operations.

Some studies suggested that added value takes place around 5% of the time within operations, and the remaining 95% is waste.

Our Approach

Cassandra SCP 可以帮助您回答大多数采购问题,例如:

  • “我想知道我的采购专员是否以正确的方式分类产品 ”

  • “我相信还有降低成本的空间,但我如何能够找到那些机会 ”

  • “我们对当地采购专员购买的产品及选择购买的原因缺少了解 ”

  • “我们花了很多时间利用框架合同来协商价格,但却发现很多人没有利用协商框架合同还在为了价格协商 "

Case Study

Forizons helped one of the pharmaceutical companies to perform Kaizen improvement plans.


With various lean tools applied, 10 actions were identified to reduce the average time and the variability of the process.



Inventory reduction


Lead time reduction


On-time delivery improvement


Capacity increment


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